Agile Coach Stories: You keep amazing me

by Lyssa Adkins on November 9, 2011

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”  ~ Bumper Sticker

You are the ones doing it!  Tell those people who say it cannot be done to just stand back and watch.  Check out the latest agile coach stories about how coaches are using all the wonderful and sometimes “edgy” ideas in the Coaching Agile Teams book.  The agile coach journey haikus originated by John Sinkankus are quite a kick.  Thanks, John!

What will you prove can be done this week?  I can’t wait for your teams and organizations to find out!



The above “love letter” is an example of the Inspiration Emails I send out every Tuesday morning.  It’s been going since last August without a skipped one — that’s how important these are to me and to the 500+ agilists that receive them weekly.  No spam. Real meat only.  Sign up.  It’s only your name and email that’s needed.

Got a story to share about something you used or riffed on from the Coaching Agile Teams book?  Please share it. It only needs to be a few paragraphs and pictures are worth a thousand words.  Help other agile coaches through your experiences.

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