Top Women in Agile!

by Lyssa Adkins on December 21, 2011

Top Women Agile Thought Leaders

I was so very happy when my dear friend and agile coach colleague, Kris Blake, let me know that I was listed in agilescout’s “Top Women in Agile Thought Leadership.”  What’s most exciting about this is the company I keep.  The “big hitters” are on the list – Esther Derby, Johanna Rothman, Deborah Hartmann Preuss, Diana Larsen, Mary Poppendieck, Jean Tabaka, many more – the women I have learned much from and who are the bedrock of the agile community.  The best part are the few names I didn’t know and the “new kids on the block” that I do know – Angela Harms, Karen Greaves, Donna Reed, Ellen Grove.  Welcome, ladies!  You are in my agile coaching tribe and I am very happy to see you take your rightful places as thought leaders.   Read what these women write — it’s worth it.