The Periodic Table of Scrum

by Kate Terlecka on July 4, 2013

Women in Agile - Kate TerleckaRemember high school chemistry?  Get out your brain cells for this blog post from Kate Terlecka who blogs at Control Your Chaos

Lots of trainers and agile coaches try to touch advanced elements of Scrum, Agile, motivation, models, frameworks etc. We are building new theories or looking for existing ones to back up our understanding of the subject. We are trying to bend and break rules to show that we are the best. But not everyone is on the “RI” level. And even if you are, you can still benefit from a well-organized basics.

Today I’m presenting a way to easily imagine how Scrum elemenst interlock, how they react with each other, what, who and when is needed. Inspired by my friend, Paweł Feliński – [I will link to his blog if he writes something :D ], a Periodic table of Scrum:

Periodic Table of Scrum : at-a-glance scrum chart

The main table is a chart where you can quickly spot where an element belongs. You can print it in high resolution – the PDF is attached below.

Then apart from the main table, all elements are explained like this:

Element chart – Increment

It will be changing if there are changes to the Scrum Guide.
If you spot a typo or any other error, please comment.
Polish version coming soom!

All licensed with Creative Commons, so use, extend and Scrum On!

PDF: Periodic Table Of Scrum EN 1.1

Update: Small but important changes made to the Grooming description – thanks to Tomek Wlodarek @poddrzewem and fixed faulty links

Licencja Creative Commons
Periodic Table of Scrum by Kate Terlecka is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

This blog post originally appeared as The Periodic Table of Scrum in September 2012.  Thanks, Kate, for adding it to #WomeninAgile.

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