Certified Product Owner Course Description

Certified Product Owner  is an experiential training course that covers both the job and the characteristics of being a successful Product Owner.  At the end of the course, you will be capable of fully playing your role and partnering with the Agile Coach and Team to help them get to high performance.

Certified Product Owner is a 2-day course that gets students aligned on the basic knowledge of Scrum and then launches into topics pertinent to the Product Owner.

Lyssa is a Certified Scrum Trainer so students completing the course requirements will receive the Certified Scrum Product Owner designation from the Scrum Alliance as well as the first year’s membership in the Scrum Alliance.

This course is meant for Product Owners who want to learn how to work with Agile teams to get the amazing returns promised by Agile.

Course Topics

  • Interlocking Roles:  Product Owner, Agile Coach, Agile Manager
  • What is it to *be* a Product Owner, Really?
  • What Makes Agile Work and What’s the Product Owner’s Role in That?
  • Business-Value-Driven-Thinking as a Mindset
  • Product Owner’s Role in the Multiple Levels of Planning
  • Managing the Product Backlog
  • Writing Solid User Stories and Acceptance Criteria
  • Using Team Metrics and Doing Status Reporting
  • Communicating with Sponsors, Stakeholders and Upper Management
  • Pressure:  When to Provide What Kind
  • Providing Schedule/Cost Estimates in Agile
  • Contracting with External Vendors in Agile
  • Harnessing Agile to Get Change for Free

This course is run using Scrum.  The topics above, plus additional ones you provide, are your learning backlog.  We will certainly not cover all of these, but we will cover the ones that have the highest value for you.

Past students say…

Lyssa just delivered a course on the Scrum role of Product Owner.  Her level of knowledge accompanied by her experience and passion on the subject were material in making this one of the most successful courses I have attended to date.  Lyssa’s course was structured as a Scrum environment, and students were actually able to live Scrum during those two days.  Finally, she presented the material in concrete ways that allow students to relate it to their own environments.  Lyssa is a great instructor, and I highly recommend her courses.
– Michael Bigatti

Lyssa is a seasoned Agile practitioner and coach.  She brings a positive attitude, creative approach and deep expertise in managing technology projects.  In my experience with Lyssa, she has been perceptive in understand organizational and individual education needs.  Her excellent communication and faciliation skills have resulted in a truly valuable training experience that will greatly benefit me and my organization.
– Matt Crego

I first met Lyssa at the Scrum Gathering in Chicago in 2008.  I attended her “The Road from Project Manager to Agile Coach” presentation.  It was a very well presented course with a lot of energy and information.  I have since recommended her YouTube videos of this presentation to many of my colleagues.  It was a great pleasure to hear that she was available to help us on our Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) course with Tobias Mayer in September of 2008.  She provided great insight from her previous experience as a traditional PMP and her knowledge of Scrum truly made the course a success.  I was also very impressed with her ability to not only train on the material but to coach individuals.  I would recommend and attend any of her courses in the future.
– Raffi Simonian

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